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The 1/2-Pound Variety Pack

SKU: 96
Guggisberg Variety Pack (1/2 lb each) Mild Cheddar, Colby, Marble Cheese, Pepper Jack and Thunder Jack

Mild Cheddar is a young cheese, patiently cured to develop a smooth even body with an appealing classic cheddar flavor. Colby, an American original first made in Colby, Wisconsin, has a mild, tender taste, a mellow flavor, and creamy texture.  Great for snacking! Marble Cheese is a swirl of mild Colby and Monterey Jack.  A delicious flavor combination. Pepper Jack has flecks of hot jalapeno peppers blended with Monterey Jack to add a spicy kick to any snack. Thunder Jack is an American Cheese based cheese made with Jalapeno Peppers and Red Bell Peppers with a great smoky taste.

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