Store and Factory Information

Treat yourself to a trip back in time as you drive down State Route 557, winding through lush green pastures of the scenic Doughty Valley.
These are the pastures that produce the sweet, fresh milk that gives the Original Baby Swiss Cheese its unique creamy flavor.

Fresh, 100% Grade-A milk is delivered daily to the Guggisberg factory from local and surrounding farms, which in-turn will become world-famous Guggisberg Cheese. Visit our factory store to watch our award-winning cheese being made, and enjoy over 60 varieties of cheese. You'll also find a fantastic variety of authentic Cuckoo Clocks, beer steins, local goods, cutlery, and so much more.

Guggisberg Retail Store Hours:
Monday-Saturday: 9-5

Cheese-Making Hours:
Monday through Friday: 9-12

5060 State Route 557 Millersburg, Ohio 44654

Outside Factory