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Aged Sharp Black Wax Cheddar

Supremely Sharp Cheddar, this cheese is aged 18 months. It has a deliciously bold taste and flavor. Great for entertaining!

Aged Sharp Red Wax Cheddar

If you like our Black Wax Cheddar, you will love our 2 lb. Red Wax Cheddar. This ultimate sharp cheddar is aged 3 years and is a true cheddar lover’s dream.

Aged Yellow Cheddar

You’ll enjoy the midly sharp, flavorful, all-purpose cuts of this Sharp Cheddar Cheese. A great complement to a meat or cheese tray for entertaining or for the holidays. One of our favorites!

Hickory Smoked Cheddar

This smoky-tasting Cheddar cheese offers the same great taste of a mild Cheddar with a hickory flair in a 1 lb or 2.25 lb chunk.