Guggisberg Wins AT 2022 World Cheese Championship

Wednesday, April 20, 2022

The Swiss wheel took second place to Switzerland and among thirteen entries from Switzerland.
Guggisberg is honored to have placed highly among Switzerland, as they are the best in the world at crafting Swiss cheese. Swiss cheese is among the most difficult of cheeses to make, and subsequently, its grading process is also quite difficult. The eyes or “holes” in Swiss cheese are an incredibly important aspect and difficult to perfect.
The World Championship Cheese Contest is the world’s largest technical cheese, butter, and yogurt competition, and is hosted by the Wisconsin Cheesemakers Association. The contest takes place every-other year, alternating annually with the United States Cheese Championship. Entries are divided into classes and then judged on a scale ranging from one to one hundred by some of the field’s finest professors. The top three scores in each category are recognized for their excellence, with the top spot receiving the title of World Champion.
This year’s judging panel consisted of 53 international industry experts from 16 different countries and 13 U.S. states, whose professions include cheese graders, cheese buyers, dairy science professors, and researchers. The judges evaluated 2,919 dairy product submissions from all over the world.

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