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Box of Crackers

Water Crackers Original 4.4 Oz. Delectable gourmet crackers that perfectly complement cheeses, cheese spreads, meats & more.

Cheese Preserves

Delicious Blackberry Patch Preserves add a great flavor to your bagels, toast or anything that needs a tasty topping! Available in three flavors are sure to be a big hit this holiday season.

Gourmet Mustard

Hengstenberg Original Mustard is America’s favorite! Mustard will be Original German Mustard unless substitution is made due to low inventory.

Pimento Stuffed Olives

Pimento Stuffed Olives are the iconic garnish olive. This classic olive is still revered today for its large size, firm texture and slightly salty flavor that is counterbalanced by with the sweetness of the pimiento stuffed inside.

Uncle Ozgood's Popcorn

The popcorn you can pop right on the cob! A fun addition to any pack.