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Horseradish Cheese

Enjoy this delightfully robust new option full of Horseradish flavor!

Hot Pepper Cheese

This spicy new option is a step above the Pepper Jack and Thunder Jack in heat, and a great option for those who love a good “kick.”

Lacerne Cheese

Similar to our Baby Swiss, but with reduced fat and sodium content. A perfect option for the healthful diet!

Marble Cheese

A delightfully smooth combination of Monterey jack and Colby cheese. Also known as ‘Colby-Jack!’

Margherita Pepperoni Sticks

We’ve been on the hunt for the perfect Pepperoni, and we think we’ve finally found it! You’ll love the flavor and texture of this new option, perfect for paring with your favorite mild cheese.

Mega Meat Pack

Perfect for the meat lover in your life! Includes a 20 oz. ring of Trail Bologna, 14.5 oz. bag of Beef Jerky, a 12 oz. Summer Sausage, a 7 oz. Margherita stick, a 7 oz. Salami, and a 1 lb. wedge of Baby Swiss. * Basket Not Included